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Sunrise on Nature

Oh Hey!

I’m so glad you have found your way here!
In case we don’t know each other my name is Carlene.
I bet you're wondering who I am?

Well,  that’s a question I often find difficult to answer and is one that definitely took me a long time to figure out. In fact, if I’m honest, I’m continually finding out more of who I am every day. At this moment, today, I am many things. I am a photographer, a light seeker, a poet, a guide and a believer in self healing and magic. I believe everyday life is filled with magical moments. I also believe that each of us holds our own magic within, our medicine, our truth. The things that make each of us YOUnique.


I first found photography in high-school. I fell in love with film and the dark room. It wasn’t long after I held my first 35 mm camera that I discovered my passion and intrigue for portraits. The dark room became a world where the impossible was possible, inside these four walls of darkness my fascination with film and photography grew, my desire to see and to capture expanded my creativity. Photography became my love language, how I expressed what I felt, thought and dreamed of in ways words didn’t come out. This was my first love. The process of recording light became my world and discovering and creating in the dark became my home.

Shortly after graduating college and just starting to grasp who I was as a woman, an artist and a person, my world fell apart. I found myself in my mid twenties, walking away from a 7 year relationship that I would later find out was filled with manipulation and verbal abuse. I became lost in pain - fighting a silent war of heart ache, trauma and body issues. It was here in my darkest times where I learned to turn inward. 

"...just starting to grasp who I was as a woman, an artist and a person, my world fell apart."

I began working on my insides, discovering my truth though art, spiritual modalities and nature. At the same time I was leaning into the women around me, ones I confided in, ones who were showing up to support me, ones teaching me to dance through life. The deeper I went to my healing, the more light and love I discovered, not just within my self but in my outer world as well. I started to fall in love with myself again and my body. I learned to love the deepest parts of myself - now this wasn't easy, but the more I found my truth the more I showed up in who I was and in my authenticity. It was in this time where I started expanding my skills in feeling and reading energy.

"I learned to turn inward... The deeper I went into my healing, the more light and love I discovered."


My fascination in shamanism started long before I was an adult. The call to shamanism got very loud soon after I began spending more time with myself. This led me into deeper exploration with my self healing and my shadow. The more I stood in truth and authenticity the more I felt called to lead women in doing the same. Inner healing, and learning to love myself from the inside out, changed my life and the relationship I have with myself. I wanted to create space to aid women in doing the same. For a long time I kept photography and my spirituality/energy-work separate, It wasn't until I started noticing the women I was photographing and the women I was doing energy work were finding their way to me for the same thing -- inner healing, guidance in self love and stepping into their truth. ​​

"Learning to love myself from the inside out, changed my life..."

I knew that each were powerful on their own but to combine all aspects of what I offer together wouldn't just be impactful but powerful and transformative. So I decided to combine my two worlds together to create transformational experiences for women.  I believe everyone deserves the freedom to shine in their own skin and learn to love all parts of themselves, so they can bravely and boldly show up in the world as their most authentic self! 

I invite you to take a look around! 
Whether you are called to Soulography®, women's circles's or 1:1 mentorship or Just poppin' by to take a glance -- Im so glad you are here! 
If you have any questions, want to chat or just say Hi, please don't hesitate to reach out! 

I can't wait to SEE YOU! 


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