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Elevate Your Retreat Experience with Captivating Soulography® 

Immerse your retreat guests in the transformative power of Soulography®, where every  moment becomes a masterpiece of the soul. I am Carlene, a passionate photographer  dedicated to capturing the essence of spiritual journeys through my lens and weaving a  tapestry of soulful experiences.

What is Soulography®


Soulography® is more than just photography; it's a spiritual  practice that transcends the visual realm and an art form that delves into the depth of  emotions and captures the raw beauty of the human spirit. As a retreat facilitator, you  understand the profound impact of creating a space for self-discovery and healing.  Soulography® can elevate your retreat to new heights, offering participants a holistic  and immersive experience. 


Why Soulography® for Your Retreat?


Capturing Moments, Creating Memories

Soulography® freezes moments in  time, turning them into timeless memories that participants will cherish for years  to come. Each image tells a story, creating a visual narrative that participants can  revisit long after the retreat concludes. 

Emotional Connection

My approach to Soulography® focuses on capturing the  authentic emotions and connections formed during your retreat. With my unique  way of seeing and becoming part of the experience I am able to capture energy  and emotions that define your retreat through a visual narrative of the  transformative journey weaving a story that goes beyond words.

Promotional Materials

High-quality Soulography® images make for compelling  promotional material for your future retreats. Showcase the unique atmosphere  and experiences you offer to attract a broader audience.

Participant Engagement

Soulography® sessions can be integrated into your  retreat program, offering participants a reflective and creative activity that  enhances their overall engagement and connection.

Sacred Integration

Individual Soulography ®sessions can seamlessly integrate  into your retreat, offering a holistic experience that engages participants on both  visual and spiritual levels.


Services Offered

Retreat Coverage - Comprehensive photography coverage of your entire retreat,  ensuring no precious moment is missed. 

Individual and Group Soulography Sessions - Tailored sessions to capture the  individual and collective energy of your participants.

Retreat Promotion Packages - Professionally curated images for use in  promotional materials, websites, and social media.

Meet Carlene - Your Soulography® Partner

With a deep understanding of the  spiritual journey and a keen eye for capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary, I am  committed to delivering a Soulography® experience that transcends traditional  photography. My goal is to weave a visual tapestry that reflects the soul-stirring  experiences of your retreat. 

Let's collaborate to create an immersive Soulography® experience for your retreat  participants. Elevate your offerings, attract a wider audience, and leave a lasting  impression on the souls you guide.

Contact me today to discuss how Soulography® can enhance your next retreat!


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