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Step into the truth of who you are - ​a deep dive into self-love & sisterhood. 

Step into Truth is an 8-week virtual program designed for women who are ready to take the leap​ into themselves and create lasting relationships ​with like-minded women. 

Are you ready to:

  • Discover the inner blocks stopping you from showing up in the world as your most authentic self. 

  • Rewrite your inner dialogue & mindset towards yourself and your life. 

  • Build real, lasting relationships with like minded women. 

  • Learn practices & modalities designed to create a deeper relationship with yourself and others. 

  • Discover a deeper love for yourself.


Join Carlene, as she has created a space for women to come meet themselves where they are and take a deep dive into self-love while also creating tribe in a sacred circle.

*Please note that this is a small, intimate container. Spaces are limited due to the nature of the program. The circle has been designed to hold  8 to 10 women so that each individual can be seen, heard, & supported.*

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