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Hey Beautiful!

Welcome, Thanks for stoppin' by!
I'm Carlene, a soulographer®, poet, guide, ​light seeker & a self love and body image empoweress! 

Drawing from a wealth of tools & practices cultivated throughout my career in art,

my studies in shamanism, somatic healing & energy work, 
& in my own healing journey to create a space for women to be seen, heard & witnessed. 
I believe we each hold the medicine to our own healing with in, sometimes,
we just need a little guidance or a hand to hold while we walk the path back home to ourselves. 

​That's where I come in!
I'm here as a guide, a sister, a friend, a confidant, a mirror, a gate keeper.
I'm here to walk with you, wherever you are in your path,
to cry, to laugh, to dance, ​to heal in however you show up
just as you are, ​as you come back home to you. 

​​Are you ready to step into the truth of who you are? 

Whether you are called to Soulography®, Women Circles, 1:1 Mentorship, 
Energy Work ​or just poppin' by to take a glance -- Im so glad you are here! 
Take a look around. If you have any questions,
want to chat or just say "Hi
", please don't hesitate to reach out! 
​I am here
I can't wait to SEE YOU! 

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