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Witness Yourself. Be Seen.


"Take the step into liberation to find truth in the deepest parts of who you are. Breathe life back into your soul. Allow yourself to be seen. Step into the truth of who you are."

Soulography® is taking the photographic experience, turning it inward, and looking into the depths of who you are. It is a transformative experience using the process of photography & energetic healing modalities to aid in stepping into the truth of who you are.  Each experience is tailored to you, what you want to explore within yourself and the truth you dare to step into. Carlene has created a number of  transformational experiences that take you from healing to transformation to celebration. 

*Each experience is custom and tailor-made to the individual. A consultation is required before each photoshoot to discuss pricing and custom packaging. ​Options to include a self love ceremony, a burn ceremony, or energy healing with Reiki or meditation.* 


​Are you ready to witness yourself be seen?


The Soulography® Experience 


" I will guide you to stepping into the parts of you that are ready to be seen. The parts that are calling you to let go, the parts that are leading you tho this place at exactly this moment.  I've got you! I hold you and guide you in this process. I wont push you over , but take you to leap into parts of you that have been craving to be seen. liberated and set free. To fully embody your connection to your true self and your body."  -- Carlene ​

I invite you on a journey to find freedom & liberation from within... ​ embody the highest version of who you are in connection with self and body.

Explore the depths of self love, ride the waves of soulful connections to self, sensuality & beauty.


Celebrate in imperfection and find oneness in mind, body and soul. 


Walk through the shadow to find the light within and become unchained from the limiting beliefs.