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What is Cacao?

Known as the “food of the gods”, cacao (kə-ˈkau̇) is the seed found in the fruit of the Theobroma cacao tree, which is native to the Amazon Basin. The bean was first discovered by the Mayans and has remained a staple in many cultures ever since. Raw cacao is made by cold-pressing unroasted cacao beans.  


Why Ceremonial Cacao?

Ceremonial cacao is an ancient spiritual medicine prepared from the cacao bean, the seed of the sweet fruit of the cacao tree. Cacao is a powerful plant medicine with many amazing life-affirming qualities that support health and psychological well being. Using ceremonial cacao either in ceremony or as a part of your daily routine does not provide an intense or psychedelic experience, as other plant medicines can give. Instead, it’s more of a gentle nudging opening of your heart, gifting you with all the benefits that come from it


Ceremonial cacao allows you to quiet your mind and focus on your good intentions either for the future, the day or the present moment. It increases energy levels & concentration and is a pathway to creativity. It enhances and deepens meditation. Cacao improves blood flow and circulation and promotes overall health and well-being.

*ask Carlene about adding cacao to a Soulography® or 1:1 experience*

For Cacao Ceremonies, Women's Circles with Cacao or Private Event's with Cacao,
Please contact Carlene for more details and information. 

Cacao Ceremonies & Circles Open to the Public 

Please note, spaces are limited.  Carlene likes to keep her gatherings intimate and small. Spaces do fill quickly!


Upcoming Dates and Locations to be Announced Soon!

Kind Words from Beautiful People

"I attended my very first Cacao Sister Circle with Carlene Kanellis, to say I was a bit apprehensive would not be an understatement. Being in a group of people I am unfamiliar with and with the possibility of having to share feelings is out of my comfort zone. However, because I have had another intimate experience with Carlene, as a photographer creating a boudoir photo book for my husband, she out of anyone else, I knew I could trust that she would create a safe and secure setting. That was exactly the case. The room was welcoming and comfortable, I was saged upon entry, and the group of women attending this Sister Circle were just amazing. Carly explained all about the history and benefits of Cacao, which was really interesting, she read to us, we journaled, and then she used a sound bowl, which I loved, while we were meditating. We did partner up with someone we had never met before and to my surprise, it was very comfortable. I had no problem opening up and sharing with this woman as we took turns talking about our own experiences. Throughout the ceremony, we sipped on our Cacao, which was very nice. I expressed emotions that were apparently bottled up and by the time the evening ended, I felt lighter and freer, like something heavy had been lifted from my soul. Carly checked in with me the next day and I shared how I had felt that night and that I had woken up the next day feeling very refreshed and carefree. Her professionalism and caring spirit, coupled with her empathetic nature, made this first-time experience one that I will treasure, and I will go into another one, this time without trepidation or nervousness."

-- Shelly Clark, California

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